About Us

What’s Kuretake Group?


Deep satisfaction and intense of customers is the mutual mission of all our staff .
Please enjoy through our “KURETAKE’S OMOTENASI” and your deep satisfaction also make a joy of our all staff

Joy excitement of customers is a joy of staff, creating an impression of the best!

President Director

Tomoji Yamashita


Our KURETAKE corporate mission being “OMOTENASI” is an expression of our
desire to offer to our customers around
the world and provide services through “OMOTENASI”
that bring joy and unexpected satisfaction.
To realize this mission We have been made continous effort to achieve this company
policy from the date of foundation up to today.

And we believed that such effort is
diversifying our business to various areas
and has led us to borderless global company.

I learnt a lot of company strategy through our past experience and I believed that through such experience I can achieve to minimize the management risk and can show the right direction of management decision to our staff with strong evidence.

Executive Director (“Wakaokami”)

Sumino Yamashita

65 years since establishment, being supported by every warm smile of our guest, we have grown ot what we are today.
As a result of our continual effort, the goal is to deliver “heart-warming hospitality”.

To realize such ideal, we will continue to improve ourselves, based on our current structure.

Our guests shall always be welcomed with our best possible service.

Company Strategy 

Three main missions :

  1. To achieve regional No.1 company and area “Only one Company”
  2. Improved steadily corporate force3 Establish the management style thorough to enforce the organization ability and system management.
  3. Establishment of a management style that the driving force behind the organizational strength and system.